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Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan

In the course of educating and housing its students, the University stores oil, including fuel oils used for emergency electrical generation, vehicle fueling, and heating, as well as new and used oils for maintenance, cooking oils, insulating oils, and hydraulic fluids. Based on the storage capacity of these oils, the University is required to prepare and Implement a SPCC plan as specified under Title 40, Part 112 of Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR 112).  UGA’s SPCC Plan encompasses the main campus in Athens as well as the Griffin campus, Tifton campus, Attapulgus Research Farm, the Marine Institute at Sapelo Island, and the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.  Based on the EPA’s definition of a facility, the University has determined that that the Campus Transit, Central Steam Plant, and Vehicle Transportation and Maintenance facilities are considered separate facilities and due to their activities and operations.  Therefore, separate SPCC Plans have been developed for each of these facilities. Please refer to NPDES Permit Section for information on industrial stormwater permit forms. Please refer to the Industrial Stormwater section for information on Industrial Stormwater and permit forms.


SPCC Plan Inspection Requirements

The university shall be inspected to assure timely discovery and correction of all potential failures and/or spills. The Record of Monthly inspections and Record of Annual Inspection listed below and also located in Appendix C shall be used to document the inspections. These documents service as checklists to assure that all equipment is utilized and all operations are performed in a safe manner. Corrective action is to be taken upon discovery of any leaks or significant deterioration. All inspection records are to be maintained with the SPCC Plan for at least 36 months.

Record of Monthly Inspections:

Record of Annual Inspection:


SPCC Plan Training Requirements 

The rule regarding personnel training reads “…train your oil-handling personnel”, so employees who are responsible for the transportation, storage area management, or transferring operations of quantities greater than 55-gallon drums at the campus must have SPCC training. New employees must be trained within the first 30 days of employment, training provided annually, and records maintained for the duration of operating personnel employment.

SPCC Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all facility operating personnel are trained according to Section 2.4 of this Plan.


SPCC Plan Additional Reports 


Central Steam Plant Report