University of Georgia

Office of Fire Safety

Construction Projects



Plans for renovation of existing buildings should be reviewed by the UGA Office of Fire Safety if the renovation involves adding, removing or modification to any Life Safety feature of the building. Life Safety features include (but are not limited to) fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, exits, egress passageways, lighting, emergency lighting, fire suppression systems, adding moving or eliminating doors, relocation of walls, renovation of HVAC systems, emergency access, interior finishing, major electrical work, change of occupancy type, etc.


If you are planning to renovate part of a building, please submit two copies of the renovation blueprints with a UGA 354-Transmittal Form to:


                The UGA Office of Fire Safety

                240A Riverbend Rd.

                Athens, Georgia 30602

                (706) 542-5801


You must submit actual paper blueprints to our office. You can find the UGA 354 Transmittal on this webpage. Please note the following:


1.)    Renovation projects that reach and/or exceed 50% of the D.O.A.S. insured value of the building (single event or cumulative renovations) will have to be submitted to the State Fire Marshal’s Office for review and approval.

2.)    Renovation of buildings that exceed 50% of the insured value of the building will require that the entire building be brought up to current fire safety code requirements.

3.)    The requirement for renovation plan review applies to all University of Georgia buildings state wide. This includes all the outlying campuses and research facilities.

4.)    Please submit plans to our office at least four weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the project.