Chematix Chemical Inventory Reconciliation Project

The fourth annual Chematix Chemical Inventory Project began on August 14, 2017 and concluded on February 23, 2018.  Our contractor - Lynx Manpower Solutions - visited each laboratory building on campus to ensure the ongoing integrity of the chemical inventory data.  The process involved barcode-scanning each chemical container and comparing those results with current information in Chematix.  Discrepancies were discussed with each lab, and any outstanding items should be reconciled by lab personnel to assist with our effort to have the most comprehensive and accurate chemical inventory database.  Lab personnel need to make decisions about newly discovered containers and those that appear on the inventory listing but cannot be found in the lab.  In many cases, new containers that are not already barcode-labeled and loaded into Chematix can be quickly entered using provided barcodes and a simple input procedure.  A determination must be made about containers listed in Chematix that are not found during the physical barcode scanning process.  In many cases, such containers may have been used-up but not removed from Chematix or borrowed by another lab and not yet returned.  In either case we will be happy to assist labs with updating their inventory information.