Expiration Emails - Potentially Explosive Chemical (PEC) Inventory

Managing potentially explosive chemical (PEC) inventory (expiration emails):

  • Login to Chematix (https://chematix.uga.edu) and click the Inventory tab
  • Click the Generate PEC Expiration Aging Report link under the sub-header Hazard Maintenance
  • Click the radio button next to the chemical to be updated
  • Click Update Expiry Date button
  • Read the warning message carefully – extending an expiration date for a chemical is allowable based on your negative tests for peroxide formation as well as your expert knowledge and understanding of the chemical’s properties (6 month max, please).
    • Enter the new expiration date in the Expiration Date field
    • Click Submit
  • A green banner will appear indicating a successful update

Note:  If a PEC is submitted for hazardous waste pickup, you will not stop receiving email expiration notifications until it has been received into the hazardous waste facility.

Need help?  chematix@uga.edu (response within 1 hour during regular business hours) or call 706-542-5801