Removing Completely Empty Containers

Removing completely empty containers (ready to safely discard or to be used for another purpose):

  • Login to Chematix ( and click the Inventory tab
  • Click the Upload Container Barcodes for Processing link under the sub-header Manage Lab Inventory
  • Place the cursor in the Barcodes box
  • Enter or scan all UGACxxxxxx and/or #xxxxxx bar codes (one per line in the box provided) from empty containers you are ready to safely discard and click Send to Chematix *
  • On the next page:
    • click Toggle Selection
    • click Change Container Status
    • select Consumed by Experiment from the drop-down list shown
    • click Change Container Status again
  • The empty containers have now been removed from your active inventory
  • Remove or deface the bar code(s) if re-using the empty container

Need help? (response within 1 hour during regular business hours) or call 706-542-5801

*If the bar codes are not available, go back to the main inventory tab in Chematix, click View My Inventory Report, checkbox your labs, then click Search Active Lab Inventory.  On the next page, checkbox each container to be removed then click the Change Container Status button.  Select the new status from the drop down selection, then click the Change Container Status button to finalize.