Transferring Chemicals Among Your Lab Locations

Transferring chemicals among your lab locations (does not include transferring chemicals between different P.I.s):

  • Login to Chematix ( and click the Inventory tab
  • Click the Upload Container Barcodes for Processing link under the Manage Lab Inventory header
  • Place the cursor in the Barcodes box then scan or type-in bar codes from containers to be transferred
  • Click Send to Chematix (if you see a “no valid barcode” error – some or all of these containers are not assigned to your lab.  Contact ESD at 542-5801 for assistance)
  • Click the checkbox next to each container to be transferred
  • Click Transfer Between My Labs
  • Select the destination Lab Location and Storage Unit on the next screen
  • Click Transfer

Need help? (response within 1 hour during regular business hours) or call 706-542-5801