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Occupational Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics

Optimizing your desk setup to minimize discomfort is an important step in preventing injury risk from ergonomic stressors. The following video provides a condensed overview of basic ergonomic desk adjustments.

All employees who are concerned with their office setups are encouraged to complete an Office Ergonomics Self-Assessment. The self-assessment is intended to educate users on ergonomics best practices for workstation adjustment and alignment. Discuss the results of your self-assessment with you supervisor.  

Supervisors: For employees who require additional guidance on adjusting their desk setups after completing the self-assessment, please submit an Ergonomics Assessment Request. An IHOS team member will respond to the request and schedule an appointment with the employee.

Fork Lift Worker

Manual material handling tasks may expose employees to ergonomic stressors and lead to injury. Many task improvements can be made to reduce injury risks and improve the fit between work demands and the capabilities of the worker. 

Supervisors of employees who manually lift or move material frequently as part of their jobs are encouraged to contact IHOS for an ergonomics consultation.