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Chematix Inventory Management Help

Chematix is used for detailed tracking of chemicals in UGA laboratories.  Chemical purchases made from UGAmart or the Chemical Scientific Store (CSS) are labeled with a barcode and automatically inserted into the destination lab inventory listing in Chematix.  Individual labs are responsible for regular maintenance of their chemical inventory in Chematix.  The links below provide detailed instructions for each step of the management process.

Need help? (response within 1 hour during regular business hours) or call 706-542-5801


Adding Chemical Containers To Your Chematix Inventory

Manually adding chemical containers (this process is for containers that were not acquired from UGAmart or CSS.  You will need unassigned barcodes, provided by ESD. Barcodes can be request from the Chematix Live Chat, or by emailing We will bring them to your lab immediately!

  • Login to Chematix ( and click the Inventory tab
  • Click the Add Chemical Container(s) to Your Inventory link under the sub-header Add Items to Inventory
  • Search for the chemical using the CAS number (recommended) or chemical name
  • Click the chemical name in the search results
  • Enter chemical container information & select the appropriate lab – fields with red hash marks are required.
  • Click Submit
  • On the next page:
    • Scan barcodes* into appropriate field(s) provided
    • Select the Storage Unit (if only “Undefined” is available, no new storage units have been set-up)
    • Click Submit
  • Click OK when prompted to attach barcodes* to their containers
  • The chemical(s) have been successfully entered into your active inventory listing


Transferring Chemicals Among Your Lab Locations

Transferring chemicals among your lab locations (does not include transferring chemicals between different P.I.s):

  • Login to Chematix ( and click the Inventory tab
  • Click the Upload Container Barcodes for Processing link under the Manage Lab Inventory header
  • Place the cursor in the Barcodes box then scan or type-in bar codes from containers to be transferred
  • Click Send to Chematix (if you see a “no valid barcode” error – some or all of these containers are not assigned to your lab.  Contact ESD at 542-5801 for assistance)
  • Click the checkbox next to each container to be transferred
  • Click Transfer Between My Labs
  • Select the destination Lab Location and Storage Unit on the next screen
  • Click Transfer 


Removing Completely Empty Containers

Removing completely empty containers (ready to safely discard or to be used for another purpose):

  • Login to Chematix ( and click the Inventory tab
  • Click the Upload Container Barcodes for Processing link under the sub-header Manage Lab Inventory
  • Place the cursor in the Barcodes box
  • Enter or scan all UGACxxxxxx and/or #xxxxxx bar codes (one per line in the box provided) from empty containers you are ready to safely discard and click Send to Chematix *
  • On the next page:
    • click Toggle Selection
    • click Change Container Status
    • select Consumed by Experiment from the drop-down list shown
    • click Change Container Status again
  • The empty containers have now been removed from your active inventory
  • Remove or deface the bar code(s) if re-using the empty container

*If the barcodes are not available, go back to the main inventory tab in Chematix, click View My Inventory Report, checkbox your labs, then click Search Active Lab Inventory.  On the next page, checkbox each container to be removed then click the Change Container Status button.  Select the new status from the drop down selection, then click the Change Container Status button to finalize.


Dispose Partially Used Hazardous Chemicals In Original Containers

Wasting partially used hazardous chemicals in original containers (for HAZMAT pickup; must be in original manufacturer’s container):

  • Login to Chematix ( and click the Waste tab
  • Click the Create Waste Card link under the sub-header Manage your Laboratory Waste – if the link is not available, you must update your annual hazardous waste training through the ESD website
  • Click the link Pure Chemicals in Individual Containers
  • On the next page:
    • Select your lab location from the drop-down list provided
    • Scan or type-in each UGACxxxxxx and/or #xxxxxx bar code into the provided bar code field (one per line)
    • Click Generate Waste Card
  • On the next page:
    • Click Print Waste Card
    • Print the waste card that appears.  Note:  If more than one bar code was entered on the previous page, a multi-page PDF will appear; print all pages
    • Click Finished
  • Click the Waste tab again
  • Click Create Pickup Worksheet
  • Select your lab location from the drop-down list provided; previously created waste cards will be listed
  • Checkbox (or click Toggle to select all) each waste card to be picked up by HAZMAT
  • Click Add Selection(s) to Worksheet
  • Click Save & Submit for Pickup – a green banner will appear indicating a successful submission