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Chemical Ordering Guidance


Chemical Purchasing Process

In an effort to streamline the Chemical Purchasing process, changes have been made to iLabs and UGAmart.  There are two key changes:

  • Single Ordering System: All chemical orders can now be placed in UGAmart; we will no longer use iLabs to purchase trackable chemicals.

  • Trackable vs. Non-Trackable Review: ESD, CRS, and Chemical Lab Safety personnel will determine if chemicals submitted for purchase should be tracked in the Chematix system.  If so, items will be barcode-labeled and inserted into your laboratory inventory listing before being delivered to your lab location.

Please email or call 706-542-5801 with questions. 

Non-Hazardous Lab Chemicals:

Prior to December 2020, both hazardous and non-hazardous laboratory chemicals were routed to Central Chemical Receiving, barcode-labeled, and tracked in the Chematix chemical inventory system.  Starting in December 2020, only hazardous chemicals are routed for barcode-labeling and Chematix tracking.  Some laboratories prefer to track all items regardless of hazard status in order to monitor on-hand quantities and track other container details.  If you wish to continue tracking non-hazardous chemicals, there are two options. 

  • Option 1:  When ordering chemicals in UGAmart, be sure that the shipping address is listed as 2037C CHEMICAL RCVG WEST DOCK and that you have designated the Chematix storage location using the specific field provided in the shipping section of the order. 
  • Option 2:  Manually enter non-hazardous items into the Chematix system when they are delivered directly to your lab.  The Environmental Safety Division (706-542-5801) provides free barcodes and the manual Chematix entry procedure is available at this link.

UGAmart Default Chematix Locations