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Industrial Hygiene

The Industrial Hygiene (IH) program provides services to the university community for the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of workplace health hazards. All hazard control recommendations are based on industry best practices and recognized occupational exposure limits.  

Commonly Requested Services:  

IH Risk Assessment and Exposure Monitoring 

IH risk assessment and exposure monitoring is available by request for a variety of workplace hazards. Both qualitative and quantitative assessment methods are used to establish employee risks and recommend appropriate control strategies.  

Supervisors who recognize biological, chemical or physical hazards in the workplace should submit an IH Risk Assessment Request form to   

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments 

IAQ assessments are available by request for health concerns arising from moisture intrusion, suspected mildew or mold growth, and indoor odors. If you have concerns about the air quality in your work environment, please contact your supervisor to begin the assessment request process.  

Supervisors may request an IAQ assessment by submitting a Request for Indoor Air Quality Assessment.  

Respiratory Protection Risk Assessment 

Chemical and physical respiratory hazards in the workplace require industrial hygiene risk assessment to determine the best control strategies to protect employees. IHOS provides risk assessments to ensure employees who are required to wear respiratory protection equipment for chemical and physical hazards receive all necessary health services through enrollment in the UGA Respiratory Protection Program. 

Please send completed Respiratory Protection Risk Assessment Request forms to to begin the assessment process.